Thursday, June 23, 2011

If I didn't have rabies before, I certainly do now

Baby rabies, that is.

While T's sister was on a multi-state journey today, the Timmy and I watched our nephew L for her. At four and a half, to call him active and hyper would be an understatement. That boy got some energy. We all had a fun (and busy) day that ended with us helping us with his bedtime routine. That's where the things happened that made me fall in love with my husband even more and made my case of wanting a child explode even more.

Part of the routine includes reading a story (or two) and bedtime prayers. L wanted his Uncle Tim to read the stories. While I was watching, I saw the man that he could (and he will!) become when we have kids. It was such a sweet and precious sight: T and L, cuddled up on the bed reading a bedtime story.

But prayer time was really what made my heart explode. L said his own sweet little prayer and asked God and Jesus to help protect a bunch of people individually, including us, his mommy and, sweetest of all, his new stepfather and stepsister. I swear I'm too emotional. That brought tears to my eyes.

His ending, though, was an awesome (and totally needed) prayer ending: "Lord, help us all."



  1. Aww so glad that you got to be there for that!

  2. *gasp* Sooooooooo cute!!! Oh, and Beth, you're a girl-- you'll always have baby rabies! Puh-lease, my mom is how old...and she still goes gaga over babies! Lol, so don't expect it to disappear once you have your own bundle of joy :P ***Glad you're having fun in Ooooooooooklahoma!