Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Oh.... klahoma.

Plane from Charlotte  to Dallas delayed two hours due to maintenance. At gate, we had to check bags at last minute. Once on the plane, pilot tells us that a light was on that shouldn't be on and they needed to fix. Flight's delay caused us to miss our connecting flight. We were put on standby for the last flight out to okc. If we didn't make that flight, we wouldn't be able to leave Dallas until 24 hours later. 

We made the standby flight! But there were horrible thunderstorms. Those storms caused a normally 45 minute flight to be 2 hours with bad turbulence.

Made it to OKC. Finally. But our suitcases didn't. Thank God that I had my insulin, pump supplies and other various diabetic supplies with me and my blood sugar cooperated. Hopefully, our bags will get here today.

We were able to get our rental car last night, but it ended up being a truck way too huge for us, so we brought it to exchange for a smaller car this morning. Chaos again.

All of this has happened within less than 24 hours of attempting to leave Charlotte, but we've made it safely. We have a car and a hotel room. Now all we are waiting on is our luggage.

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