Monday, November 21, 2011


At our church recently, we've been trying to make a difference. Whether it's meals for the hungry or shoe boxes to make a child across the world's Christmas, we've been doing whatever we can.

Here's what our pastor said about this on his blog:

The people of Good Shepherd are pretty good with goals.

Last year, for example, we wanted to raise $150,000 for the International Justice Mission and its ministry of freedom from sexual slavery. The people of the church gave $207,000.
Then on October 30, we hoped to pack 150,000 meals with Stop Hunger Now and its mission of famine relief in Uganda. The people of the church instead packed 193,000.

So yesterday, we hoped to receive 1,000 shoe boxes filled with Christmas gifts and gospel literature for use by our friends at Operation Christmas Child.

Instead, we received 1,200. And counting. If you'd like to be part of what God is doing, you can bring a box by Good Shepherd by 5:00 p.m. Monday.

GSUMC, you rock. :)


  1. wow! What a difference you guys are making!

  2. It's more like what a difference God is making using us. :)