Sunday, February 13, 2011

God uses us for wonderous reasons

A year ago, give or take, the Timmy and I did something kind for a stranger. This woman was overworked, stressed and extremely tired, yet she kept a smile on her face while she helped us. T and I both felt this tugging at our hearts to do this certain kindness for her (anonymously... I am even unsure about typing about it here but I am for a reason. You'll see why in a minute). We did it and we left quickly without her knowing it was us. Even when questioned about it when we went back again, we denied any knowledge. That's how we wanted it.

Fast forward to tonight. Our church started a small group event called Pathfinders this evening and we were asked to be guides for the next 6 weeks. Sounded like fun, so we said yes.

At the first gathering this evening, there was a mingle session where you get to know a little about different people before deciding who you were going to join for the 6 week small group. I glanced over at this woman while I was chatting with someone and had to do a quick double take. It was our stranger. She was there, at the small group event, at our CHURCH! We didn't meet her with anything to do with the church so it was a shock to see her there. We avoided much deep conversation with her. We didn't want to trigger any memory that might connect us with what we did. Luckily, she didn't seem to recognize us.

But she was there. At OUR church. Our wonderful, wonderful church. Did God use us and our actions to bring her to His house? Did God use her presence at the event tonight to reassure me about things I have done and am planning to do? Maybe both. I'm not sure, but I know He has His reasons for everything.

Will I keep doing good things for others who need it, known and anonymously? You betcha.

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  1. I love doing that! My favorite is paying for someone behind me in the toll booth or buying the car behind us breakfast in the mcdonalds drivethru. It gives us a chance to do good, but leave the result in God's hands. So often in youth ministry we would work tirelessly week to week with these youth and hope for and pray for a difference to be seen in their lives. And most weeks we were dissappointed. Only when we were able to step back from their lives were we able to see the changes. One Wednesday night I had to drag myself out of the house to go to youth group. I hadn't seen any reason that I was needed in a while, so I was very reluctant to go, but I decided to go anyways. That night a boy about 15 or 16 came up to me and asked if I remembered him. I had to admit that he looked familiar but that I had no idea who he was. he told me his name and my mind raked back through my memories. Oh my gosh. The boy I remember was a boyfriend of one of my favorite youth kids. When I met him, he was strongly into Goth clothes. He wore many peircings and chains. Black makeup and jet black hair. But the kid standing before me was clean cut and dressed in nice clothes, had natural hair color and no piercings. He said that one night when he was sitting by himself in the big group that I came over and sat next to him and talked to him .I remembered this, because I was afraid of rejection, but I knew I should do it. (the silent nugging of the Holy Spirit, telling me to)He said that he will never forget that night, because I was so different then him, but I loved him anyways. For who he was, no exceptions. I cared about him, like God cares about us even when we are unloveable. So keep up the good works, because God will use it. Even if we never see the results. But if you are down and needing a lift up God usually comes through by showing you just a little bit of his glory. Great job you guys!