Friday, February 18, 2011

I'm good at that, huh?

Sorry I disappeared again. The Timmy had the week off so we spent most of that time together. Plus I've been preoccupied with other things that I'll type about someday. I just don't know when.

I hope everyone who reads this had a spectacular Valentine's Day. You don't need a significant other to celebrate love. You just need love! I claimed my Bee Eff Eff Elle Megin to be my Valentine this year. [Don't tell T. He might get jealous. ;)] I love that woman!

I love love love that the weather seems to be warming up. I'm tired of long sleeves and jackets. I actually only have a couple of long sleeve shirts. I was considering buying more in the fall, but I didn't want to waste money if they wouldn't be able to last until March/April. I thought that my baby bump would cause me to grow out of them too soon. Then this happened. No baby+no baby bump= no need for worrying about growing out of those shirts. I still couldn't bring myself to buy more shirts. It hurt that I wouldn't be needing maternity wear when I really should have. I couldn't even drink coffee or eat sushi until recently because I felt guilty for being able to consume them when I really shouldn't have been able to. And I LOVE coffee products and sushi. I'm kinda surprised that the guilt is still lingering now, especially when I thought I was getting it in my head that it wasn't necessarily my fault.

Back to the weather. I am so ready to break out flip flops and skirts. That's one thing I miss about Florida. They would have been able to wear skirts and flip flops longer into the winter and earlier in the spring than we are up here in the Carolinas. Boo to cold weather!!! You will never convert me!

I need to go continue getting ready for this evening. I am babysitting for a couple from my church while they go out for the husband's birthday. They haven't had a chance to do this since the baby was born last year, so I hope they have a good time!


  1. guilt is a horrible trick the devil uses on us. In God's eyes forgiven is forgotten. It's over it's done. End of story. I try to remind myself that anytime I feel guilty, that it is the devil and I am forgiven and the event has been forgotten by God, so I should too.

  2. Hey sweetie, email me :) I need to ask your expert opinion on something

  3. Yay for having an uber cool Valentine! Seriously, it was 80 degrees here yesterday...NC needs to get the memo! I demand warm weather for my visit!!! Well, that and no dog-related injuries too.

    You know we all love and adore you, and I know all of your readers are sending prayers and good thoughts your way. I can't fathom how you feel, and I can't say that time will heal all wounds (I know from experience), but I can say that broken, bruised, happy, shiny, or perfect- I will be there to laugh and cry with you. Love you, dear- and I mean it! ;)