Saturday, May 28, 2011

My first time...

...Winning an online giveaway!

Last week I entered this giveaway here for a pair of earrings from Hope's Gate and, a few days ago, I found out that I won! This was my very first time winning a giveaway and it came at the perfect time. If you've been reading, you know how earlier this week I was having a very rough day. Well, the announcement that I was a winner was the very next day. :)  Then, just yesterday, I went to the mailbox and there they were! What an excellent early birthday present for me!

How they arrived (from a padded envelope)
Better shot of the earrings

 The back of the earring placard says:
Hope's Story
When Teena was 12 she was sold into sexual slavery by a family member. After several years of enslavement she was finally rescued by the police and brought to a safe house. Our jewelry project is giving young women like Teena dignity and hope.

The earrings (and the other jewelry from Hope's Gate) are made by young women in India who have been rescued from human trafficking, sexual slavery and other horrible situations. If you are a follower that goes to church with me or if you have been following since Christmas, you may remember this. Our church raised a pretty penny at Christmas to donate to IJM (International Justice Mission [even though I always accidentally call it the International Justice League]). Causes that help rescue innocents from slavery, prostitution and violence is always worth helping. Everyone deserves safety. Everyone deserves love.

Needless to say, I am super glad to win these earrings and to spread the word of these causes. To purchase a pair for yourself or a loved one, you can go here. They have so many cute pairs!


  1. That's great Beth! I signed up for that one too. ! I quite like that blog and read it on a regular basis. Glad you won - they are very pretty! And anything tohelp out those girls sold into sex trafficking in India is definitely worth it!

  2. :) Congrats BETH! AND what a great cause.

  3. oh wow that is very sad.
    congrats on the win.