Thursday, May 26, 2011

Same? Same!

I had a endocrinologist appointment yesterday for le ol' diabeetus. I was slightly worried as time got closer to the appointment. I even asked my sunday school class to pray for no changes at this appointment. My mind was racing with all the "What if?"s.What if my a1c has shot up for some reason? What if the doctor says I've gained too much weight? (I seriously need to work on that.) What if my feet have lost feeling or my kidneys are going kaput? What if my blood pressure is too too too high? (This girl loves her salt.) What if???

But I had to go, as I do every 3-ish months. So I went.

The doctor said everything was the same! No changes! A1c is still 6.3. My weight is exactly the same as it was in January. Not that I don't want to lose some, but still no gain! Feet are still uber ticklish and kidneys still pumping (or filtering or whatever they do). Blood pressure is still on the low side of normal.

Can we get a hallelujah? Hallelujah! In case you were wondering, God does answer prayers. :)


  1. Praising God with you!! My eyes survived quite a few years of double-digit A1Cs... He does indeed answer prayers :-)

  2. Yaaay for ticklish feet and working kidneys!


  3. Yeah! I am so happy to hear this!

  4. WOOT!!!! That's AWESOME :)

    I've been working my tail off trying to lose's never ending, I swear!

  5. so can we tickle your feet when you get here? So excited for no change.

  6. Thanks everyone!

    Brownie, No feet tickling! I am not responsible for the kick in your face if you try. lol There is a video (on the internet somewhere) that my friend took of me getting a pedicure. The lady was hardly touching my feet and I was still laughing hysterically. :)