Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Winner winner! Chicken dinner!

I did a quiz two weeks ago asking for you guys to answer questions about me to see who knew me the best. The prize is/was a chance to write a guest blog here or a surprise in the mail. You had a week and I posted the answers last Tuesday. It took me longer than I like to let you know who the official winner was because of the blogger breakdown that happened during the week you guys had to give me your answers. Then blogger lost some answers!

But, luckily, blogger has restored the missing comments. Now I can officially say the winner is......


Who is Megin? you may be asking. Why, she is my very best friend! It shouldn't surprise me that she knew so many of the answers. :) Now, Megin just needs to tell me which she'd prefer to win (*guestpostehm*).

Is anyone else interested in writing a guest post here? All topics are ok. Welllll..... Mostly.


  1. Yaaaay me!!! Haha- alright, alright, I will do a blasted post! I'm going to e-mail you about it, okay? :-) *phew* I'm glad I won, because I would have been stripped of my "bestie" title if I had failed the quiz. LYMI


  2. ah darn, I would love to guest post but I don't know what I would write about.

  3. Brownie, I write about everything; Therefore, anyone who did a guest post could write about anything!